Entrepreneurship Made Easy Checklist : Building a business from scratch

As an entrepreneur aiming to launch new business you can create a checklist based on this idea to launch your next business. This includes both online and offline model of businesses
1) Idea – Many of us think the fundamental element of any business is money.This can be true to some extent. However, idea is the key for any business. If you have money you can think about investment options like stocks, fixed deposits, CD’s, real estate to name a few. If you have an idea you can think of starting something on your own. Basically any business is built around a simple idea. IF you have both idea and money you can expand the business real quick. Money comes as supporting medium and byproduct of your hardwork. Have confidence and launch your idea today even if you are running out of resources
2) Write up – Write the steps to be followed to launch your business. This can include brainstorming sessions with your close friends, family etc. When you write the tasks to be completed you get it right most of the time
3) Prioritize – Once the steps are in place the next step is to prioritize them. This can include steps like launching business website, choosing site, pr marketing, hiring and setting up team to name a few
4) Plan – Create a plan after setting priority. This can include steps like looking for best hosting provider for your business website. In project management terms the work to be done is broken down and the work breakdown structure created in this
5) Execution– This step follows planning. The real business action starts now. This is often toughest portion of any business. Your hard work, 100% commitment, perseverance come into role in this step
6) End Result – Output of any good business is the expected end result. This usually comes in form of turnover, revenue you name it

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